Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bowling photos? Not yet. Blame the guy in the White Tercel.

To The Asshole In The White Tercel That Hit Me While I Was Riding To School,

Yeah fine, this happened in 2002, and I'm not one to hold grudges but goddammit I need to find you and kick you in the balls.

Normally, people don't shoot over from the far left lane, across a lane of traffic in order to make a right turn in one sweeping move, so needless to say, I didn't even see the hit coming. You sent me sprawling across Taraval St. without even a pause to either:

1. See if I was still alive

2. Check to see if I might have been under your car

3. Check out the massive dent my body put into your passenger door.

Luckily, the brand new laptop in my bag broke my fall, saving me from any serious injury other than some road rash and a bruised ego. Unfortunately for my laptop, the screen suffered major damage. Now this is why I'm writing, years after the incident. My computer is still fucked up.

I got the computer for Christmas, only a couple days before you ran into me. My parents generously offered to buy me that laptop, because they knew it was going to be a great help with my schoolwork, even though it was going to cost them a lot of money.

After the hit, I layed on the ground wondering what the fuck just happened. One person walking by offered a half assed "Hey man are you all right?". I was ok, just dazed. I asked him if he knew the license plate info of your car, but he didn't know. The only information he had for me was that your car was a White Tercel.

Thankfully I was near my apartment, so I hobbled back up the street, picked the gravel out of my ass and thigh, showered and then went off to the computer store to get an estimate on how much it would cost to replace the screen.

Eight Hundred Fucking Dollars! That's half of what the fucking laptop cost in the first place! Starving students don't have eight hundred dollars!

I wasn't going to ask my parents for financial help to fix the computer. Not after they bought me the damn thing. So I started thinking of ways to come up with money to pay for it myself.

Two weeks went by, while I tried to think of a good plan to come up with some sort of solution to fix the computer. Meanwhile, I would talk to my parents, and they'd ask me "Hi son, how's the computer working out?". It killed me to say "Oh it's great! Working awesome. It's making me really productive! The screen resolution is brilliant!", when in reality it was on my desk bleeding from its injuries.

Finally, during one of our conversations, I just had to tell my Dad. I felt bad, but in reality , it wasn't my fault. Granted, my Dad wasn't all too concerened about the computer, he was just glad that I was ok after the accident. Although he did mutter something along the lines of "mfdaja shit!" when I told him how much it would cost to fix the computer. I felt like an ass asking him for help, but hey that's what bum kids do.

The computer got fixed, and worked ok, but it hasn't been right ever since. It shuts off intermittently, and the screen flickers. If I tilt the screen past ninety degrees, it shuts off. None of these ailments were covered under warranty.

So, I have lived with it since then. It's so fucking annoying. But all of this came to a head, last night when I was trying to upload pictures from my bowling team's dominating performance earlier that night. The screen exhibited its trademark flicker then shut off characteristics, but this time it didn't wake up. Will it ever? I have no idea.

Now I can't get my photos uploaded. I've been hit by cars a couple times since our incident. None of those times however, cause me as much anger as thinking about the time you hit me and fucked up my computer. So fuck you guy in the white Tercel. I don't even know if you really did drive a white Tercel. Next time I'm back in San Francisco, if I see a white car with a "me" sized dent on the passenger door, I'm going to find you and kick you in the balls.

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