Tuesday, November 15, 2005


btmbrkt: on the same note, have you seen that new toilet paper commercial, the one that features the cartoon bears?

workaholicmary: hahah this is awesome

workaholicmary: i don't think so?

btmbrkt: anyway, the cartoon bear is "pooping" and a duck comes up

workaholicmary: haha

btmbrkt: with new whatever they're called wipes

btmbrkt: basically every commercial with this bear is about how soft their tp is

btmbrkt: but now, they have these new wipes, that I guess are adult, "wet ones"

btmbrkt: then they go to this real life demo

btmbrkt: and in order to demonstrate the wiping powers, and why we need them

workaholicmary: um

workaholicmary: that's gross

btmbrkt: this person takes a bit of paste or something?

btmbrkt: and streaks it across their hand

btmbrkt: no i'm serious

btmbrkt: i taped it

workaholicmary: wtf!!!!!!1

workaholicmary: that is a little...graphic

btmbrkt: then they demonstrate how clean the wipes make you. And it takes them like two or three swipes

workaholicmary: hahaha

btmbrkt: at first it just smears it around

btmbrkt: it was like a greenish toothpaste thing

btmbrkt: i died

btmbrkt: so then it goes back to animation, and the duck and the bear are all fresh and walk away

workaholicmary: that's insane

workaholicmary: what kind of crack heads...

btmbrkt: haha i know.

btmbrkt: all this time, I didn't know poo comes out of our butt as greenish toothpaste

workaholicmary: eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww

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