Friday, November 18, 2005

So today is Friday then?

I have to do something about the way I just blurt things out.

Yesterday, my friend was talking about this article they read about some game called "Satan's Hole", and I said "Satan's Hole? You mean my ex girlfriend's vagina?" hahahahha right?

I started laughing at my own stupid joke, and turned around to see my boss standing behind me. I just stood there quietly. What else could I do? In hindsight, I should have just high fived her, and gone "You know what I mean?". Actually, I kind of think she didn't even hear what I had said.

This wasn't as bad as last time, when I heard two co-worker friends talking in the hallway about using wind generators as a source of energy. It was the dumbest conversation, but I found it amusing. I pushed my chair out of my cubicle and said "I got a wind generator! It's my butt, and it's fueled by burritos" hahahahaha I'm a fucking comedian, but then I realized as my chair came to a stop, that it wasn't just my two friends talking, but some people I don' t know, and of course my boss. Am I that oblivious that I don't notice when my boss is not in her office?

Sometimes I think she looks at me and wonders "Why the hell did I hire this guy?". I wonder the same thing too.

The point of this post? There is none. It's Friday. I'm tired. I smell like alcohol. Rejoice!

Tell Donna I say hi the next time you make some lewd comment involving your butt.
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