Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Spinning Southward

Super bikers John and Mike Logsdon have finally reached Los Angeles. How you ask? Via bike, all the way from fucking Alaska.

So far they've traveled about forty two thousand miles, and have about a hundred and seven thousand miles to go before they reach their destination which is Ushuaia, Argentina. This is so awesome I can't even begin to explain how cool it is that they are tackling such a trip.

All of this is for the National Brain Tumor Foundation which is a is a non-profit organization dedicated to innovative brain tumor research and patient care. I cut and pasted that blurb from their website. I think they say it better than my original "They're riding to help brains" description.

Forty two thousand miles! I average about thirty miles per week on my bike. Forty two thousand is unimaginable.

So this post is dedicated to Mike and John and their hard work so far. I don't mind that you're at the house right now, stinking up the joint with all your equipment.

Check out their site:

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Your blog certainly left me satisfied and smiling.
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