Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Tryptophan. I hate this word. Tryptophan. Actually, it's not so much the word I hate. It's the way people use it. Especially during Thanksgiving.

I don't know why Tryptophan has become the new Thanksgiving buzz word, but people need to chill out with it. It's like they find any opportunity to throw this word into conversation:

"Ohh, I'm so full...and sleepy haha you know Tryptophan!"

"Maaaaan, Turkey has so much Tryptophan, it's like...woah I'm tired!"

And everything during this holiday is blamed on Tryptophan..

"Oh man, sorry I didn't meet you guys out for drinks after was the Tryptophan!"

"I can't help with the's this crazy Tryptophan..woaah!"

"Shiiit, sorry I slept with your know..Tryptophan!"

"I killed a man last night...Tryptophan!"

People wouldn't sound so stupid if they just said, "I'm fucking tired because I ate 20 pounds of meat, mashed potatoes, and stuffing so leave me alone you jackass!", instead of trying to wow everyone with the hot new vocab word they just learned to describe their after dinner lethargy.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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