Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend Recap #1

John and Mike are still staying with us, during their break from riding. I don't think they're ever gonna leave. I mean, after months of riding, bear encounters, road rash, butt rash etc, it's gotta be nice to just have a place where you can post up for a little while. Not to say it's been all relaxing and all fun for them since they've been here. They've had to do interviews all over the place, and some press stuff to promote their cause.

On Friday night, we all went out. We had a fairly large group since some of Mike's friends met up at our house beforehand for some drinking and catching up. After a short cab ride, and some time spent in line, we all made it into the first bar.

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Kenne showed up a bit later, but by the time he got there the bar was so crowded we decided to leave. I felt bad that he had to wait in line, just for us to tell him we were moving on, so I bought him a drink and smuggled it outside and made him finish it as fast as he could out on the street.

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We went to another bar that was closer to the house. My roommate Mike, who wasn't that drunk at the time, apparently pissed off the bartender somehow, which prompted her to declare that he was cut off, and that she wasn't going to serve him. She then turned to us and emphasized that if she saw Mike with any sort of alcoholic beverage she would 86 all of us from the bar for life. I thought that was a bit dramatic.

Later, I asked Mike what had happened between him and the bartender, and he said that since the place was so crowded, he was pressed up against the bar with nowhere to move. A guy needed to get by, so Mike had to do some kind of maneuver in which, he grabbed onto a nearby pole and did some stripper-esqe half slide turn thing in order to allow the guy to pass. In order to perform this maneuver Mike had to kind of slide into the bar area itself where the bartenders were making drinks. This enraged the bartender, which then set her off on her bender of anger.

Her reaction to that was really unecessary.

Despite all that we all got pretty hammered at this bar, and I managed to spill a bunch of drinks on myself throught the course of the night, but thankfully I was wearing a wool sweater. Wool is known for staying warm when wet, and its wicking capabilities. It also dries quickly too!

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We stumbled out of the bar, and made it back to the house for:

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Along with karaoke I ate a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger, as well as a whole package of string cheese. Everyone left at 4 or 4:30am. I went to sleep cursing Jack In The Box, but not the string cheese. String cheese has never wronged me. Damn you Box! So good, but so painful!

Eric is SO RADICAL!!!!
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