Thursday, December 15, 2005

Free Omelettes!

It's free omelette day at work. The kind folks at the MGM Tower host this function every year. It's huge. There's a big buffet table with a team of cooks ready to make whatever kind of omelette you want. You want ham? Bacon? Cheese? Sour cream, onions, tomatoes? You want it, you got it. There's also a large pastry/fruit area, and an espresso bar. They even have a guy come in to play the piano. It's massive. Everything was set up in front of the elevators in order to make sure everyone got a free omelette. You couldn't miss it if you tried.

So why the fuck are people walking around work going "Huh? Omelettes? Where?", or "Where'd you get that omelette?"

They're right in front of you shithead, at a table full of cooks making them. If that didn't give it away, surely the throng of people standing around eating their omelettes next to the enormous omelette creation station should have clued you in.

Then there are the people that say, "Oh hey omelettes. I totally didn't know they were serving these today".

I'm not going to lie. I've been waiting for free omelette day for weeks now. It's even on my calendar. I told friends about it. When work finally emailed everyone the details, I printed it out and posted it in my cubicle. I think I may have even called my mom about it.

Are all of these people feigning indifference to be cool? Like, it's not hip to be excited for free a omelette? Or, because it's free and a lot of people are in line, breakfast has become too mainstream. "Oh you like breakfast? I was into breakfast a while ago, now I'm into snacks".

Appreciate free omelette day dammit. I had three. Delicious.

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Breakfast is the new black.
Breakfast is the new black.
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