Thursday, December 08, 2005

Screaming Shrimp Lady and a reminder to buy a new digi camera

I was at Ralph's today, buying a roast beef sandwich with horseradish cheddar and lettuce, hold the tomatoes. Oh, I had them put horseradish sauce on it too. Might as well go for it. Carpe Diem right? Anyway right about the time I placed my order I hear some lady screaming about shrimp.

Since I haven't bought a new camera yet (dammit!), I missed the opportunity to take a picture of the screaming shrimp lady, so here's a quick drawing of her. She wasn't wearing a hat though, I just added that for fun.

Image hosted by

She stood at the deli counter screaming about how Ralph's had run out of this certain type of shrimp she wanted. Apparently her husband was somewhere in the store and she got all fed up trying to find him.

Turns out the guy was outside. He ambles in calm as can be, takes her arm and leads her to the door. They leave the store, and all the while she's still yelling at him.

The best part was when the guy behind the deli counter turns to the other deli guy and just says, "That lady wanted shrimp".

Note to self: Get digital camera asap.

Second note to self: Bring camera everywhere.


dude, LA people are really a)scary, b)stupid), c)whiny, and/or d)mental.

i'd say a-d is true in varying degrees depending how much starbucks andkrispy kreme they've consumed.

but then again, isn't LA and every other major craaaazy city a microcosm for the universe at large?

whoah. that's keanu reeves profound, that is.

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