Wednesday, February 22, 2006

California Adventure

On Monday, Jeff, Marcy and I hit up California Adventure. The cheeseball step-sister to Disneyland. I gotta say...California Adventure kinda sucks.

If you're at an adventure/theme park, and the whole time you are there you are planning what time to leave so that you don't hit traffic on the way back, that's a sign that the park really isn't offering you much in the way of a good time.

On the way in you walk under
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The Golden Gate Bridge!!! Woah!
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Much like the real Golden Gate Bridge this replica is a popular suicide spot for young Orange County Residents with deep issues ranging from not getting an Audi or BMW for their birthday, to not being able to get a high enough lift kit for their truck to go to Fontana or other parts around the OC. Suicide is not the answer kids.

Once in the park we made a bee line to
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THE TOWER OF TERROR! Cue terrifying screams!

Here's a view from the line
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Tower of Terror was a lot of fun, so that was a plus. You strap into the seats within an elevator that takes you through a twilight zoney experience of darkness, and light until finally you rise up and then drop. You rise up again, and then drop. Rise up, and drop. Rise up, and then here's the drop. It's fun.

Get a load of this guy's shirt
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"8th Annual Male Bonding Trip"?. Awesome dude. I'm down for next year. It's gonna be sweet. Just us dudes. I'm gonna eat wings! Put hot sauce on everything I eat! I want to buy a sweet leather NFL hat too! Go football!

California Adventure also has a sweet replica of Crazy Wolf Mountain
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I have yet to learn where Crazy Wolf Mountain lies in California, but if it's represented here at California Adventure, then it's a real California thing.

I believe that Crazy Wolf Mountain was the site of the Wolf crowning ceremony way back when California was ruled by the wolves. The Lion King was based on those events, but they used lions instead of wolves due to a dispute with the Wolf Actors Guild or WAG.

We also went on a roller coaster called California Screamin', which was fun. That's all I did. I left the park early to beat traffic. Did I beat traffic? No.

I'm really upset that you don't like CA adventure. Did you not notice that you can drink. alcohol. THERE??? Hello?? A little alky + Disney = MUCHO FUN! Sheesh. It is when you mix these two variables that you will find that rides with names like "Mali-boomer" become a little less cheesy, and a little more awesome!
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