Monday, April 03, 2006

More Kyoto!

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After laying low the first day, I took the subway to Gion. I was joined by my hostel roommate, a 19 year old college student who was on Spring Break. Talking to him, and hearing things from his perspective was interesting. Interesting in that it made me feel ancient. Upon hearing that I worked full time, his eyes bugged out

"Full time? What's it like?" he asked.

"What?" I replied

"Working full time? I mean, like, what's the whole office-corporate life like?"

"'s ok. I mean..I get up at eight am, and go to work" I said

"Shit! Eight am? Everyday!?"


"Damn, then you must be hella rich. Drinks are on you tonight!"

Rich? Damn. This kid is in for a rude awakening after he graduates. The fact that I was staying in a youth hostel in a small room with three dudes should have clued him into the state of my bank account. If I were rich, I'd be staying at the nicest hotel I could afford. I wouldn't be one of those rich guys that stay in a youth hostel to "keep it real" or shit like that. Fuck that. Give me a nice bed, tv, all that shit. None of this, tiny bed, smelly dude snoring in the bunk next to me hostel crap.

Streets of Gion
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Walking around Gion, one can take any number of side streets that stretch everywhere.
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It seemed like we were walking through a movie set.
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We also stopped by the cheesiest bar....IMAGIUM!!
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The guy next to me clued us in to this place actually. We were outside wondering out loud where the nearest bar was, and he directed us to.....IMAGIUM!!
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I keep writing IMAGIUM!!! In caps, because at one point during the night, I kept yelling out..IMAGIUM!!!inside the bar. I couldn't help it. It's such an awesome name.

We stumbled out of the bar way after the trains had stopped running, so we walked all the way home from Gion. It took a long time. Walking is slow.

Returning to the hostel at around four am, we found a group of Aussies that were still up.
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Apparently, they were leaving at five am, so in order to get up that early they stayed up all night drinking. They were really funny, except the dude in the scarf. He was pretty annoying.

The next day, I took the bus for more sightseeing around Kyoto
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Kinkakuji Temple.
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I spent the whole day getting on the bus, getting off the bus. On the bus, off the bus. I was beat by the end of the day. I have loads more pics too, but my bastard computer isn't loading them all..but you see one picture of a temple, you've seen them all I guess. I mean, it's a lot better to be there in person rather than look at pictures.

One of my favorite spots in Kyoto however, was not the temples but...
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Conveyor Belt Sushi!!

Brilliant. The sushi comes to you....on a fucking conveyor belt! It's really good too, and cheap. I think it was roughly a dollar a plate.

Coming from America, where I think we have more buffet food options than other countries, my stomach was already primed to eat a disgusting amount of food. Within the first five minuts, I had a stack of plates next to me that rivaled those around me.
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It was a sickening display of gluttony.

Want more tea? Get it yourself at your own Green Tea Spigot
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I would be back at this conveyor belt sushi place for "snacks" in between meals, three more times before I left Kyoto. I mean it was so easy. Go in, get seated, start stuffing your face for a couple minutes, then take off.

I had originally planned to stay in Kyoto for a week, but I ended up cutting my stay there short so that I could make it to Tokyo to meet Mary's ( brother who was having a small party at his apartment.

So on Saturday I went to Kyoto station and took the Shinkansen bullet train to Tokyo. The Shinkansen is Japan's much heralded super train. It's fast and efficient. Although, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't really feel the speed. I guess that's a testament to the quality of the ride, but if I'm on a train that goes almost 300 miles per hour, I want that feeling of being shoved back into the seat, as my face starts flapping from all the velocity. Riding on the Shinkansen was a peaceful, quiet affair, and it was hard for me to not fall asleep for the whole ride. Damn Japanese engineering. You guys made the train too smooth!

Next: Tokyo! Well...more like Chiba...and TJ's apartment and the Gingerbread Couch.

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