Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend kicked off on Thursday at some karaoke place.

Brennan shows off his picture kryptonite skills as Marcy goes "Get me away from this guy...he ruins all pictures!"

Brennan, Stephanie, and me. Surprisingly light on the picture kryptonite.

Scott hit up some Nine Inch Nails karaoke. Here, he wants to fuck you like an animal. He's a romantic, that guy.

The next night, Jeff, Marcy, Rachel, Dan (who drove down from the bay like a madman), Caroline, and I headed down to Laguna Beach where we were going to be for the weekend.

Here, we're all playing perhaps one of the easiest but most effective drinking game ever. All you do is lay some cards down on a table and try to guess if the card drawn after is higher or lower. If you're wrong. Drink. See? I told you it was easy. Here I am guessing wrong.



I keep guessing wrong! Higher!

Marcy tries to signal Jeff that the next card is lower. Fucking cheaters.

Cheaters never prosper, but they always snuggle.

"Just because The Da Vinci Code was a popular book, doesn't mean it's gonna translate well to the big screen! The pacing was all off! It was boring!"

"Whatever man, The Da Vinci Code was great!"

"Hey man, at least we agree that Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was way funnier than Sophie's Choice!"



Dan's wearing an awesome Victoria Bitter shirt. He got it during our trip to Australia. What else did he get in Australia?

Snakes on his mothafuckin' neck.
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The next day we went to the beach, of which, I have no pictures of.

When we got back to the house, Jeremy, Jeff's cousin stopped by from Huntington Beach. Here he is with his dog and his dog's testicles.

In the evening we went down to Coyote Grill for dinner. There was a group of about 15 with us at dinner, so it got really loud, especially after all the booze that was slung around.

Ken and Deb, Jeff's parents own the house we were all staying at. This year, they were hosting a big catered wine party for Memorial Weekend, which we'll get into in a minute.

Marcy has more pictures of dinner on her blog. I didn't take too many pics because I was feeling pretty shitty during dinner. I think it was a combination of all the drinking the night before, the beach, and all the cheetos, and beer I had for lunch.

Thankfully I started to feel a lot better by the time we went to Eva's, which is a Carribean restaurant up the street from Coyote Grill. Eva's is great. They serve great food, but usually we're all there to drink their wide selection of rum

Owen and Erica

The group, part of it at least.

This dude Doyle, was on the steel drums that night. Rocking out hits from Lionel Richie, The Police, and Prince. Here Ken busts something out.

Doyle was really great, and pretty much let us manhandle all of his musical instruments.

We weren't very popular with the rest of the restaurant customers however.

Jeff noticed some table talking shit, so some gentle words were exchanged, nothing bad. As that table got up to leave, Jeff and Dan went outside to talk some more shit, but then ended up marvelling at the guy's stereo system in his car. hahaha.


Jeff got his little sister Kyla out on the dance floor.


The woman on the right is Eva, owner of the restaurant. She came out and partied with us.

After shutting the place down, we headed back to the house. Jeff, Marcy, Dan, Rachel, and I stayed up for a while longer listening to our friend Will over the phone serenade us karaoke style. Will is fucking awesome. To give you an idea of how awesome he is, during his karaoke serenade over the phone, I asked Dan which karaoke joint Will was at. Dan replies "Will's at home. He's got his own karaoke machine". hahaha. It was like 2 am, Then to make things even more awesome, Will's wife Tracy sang us a song too. Too bad Dan was such a jerk to Will when I visted the Bay Area

The next day we hit the beach. Again, no pics of the beach. If I brought my camera to the beach, it would just get destroyed with sand and spilled drinks. It was a great beach day though, the water wasn't too cold. Right when I got to the beach I immediately ran into the ocean and stayed there for about an hour so I wouldn't have to be forced into playing volleyball. I would have stayed in that water if it were 40 degrees just to avoid playing beach volleyball.

When we got back from the beach, the house was pretty much all set up for the wine party.

Pretty slick right? Jeremy organized the layout of the deck. There were a couple tables and food set up.




Here's Ken setting the stage. Everyone brought a bottle of wine, and the whole premise of the event was to get up and talk about why you brought the wine you brought. It's show and tell basically, but you get to drink everyone's wine. Afterwards, there would be a vote for the best wine, and the best presentation.

Laguna Beach local, Zeb kicked things off.

Presentations went on through the night. Stories became wilder and wilder as more wine was consumed. After each story, everyone would rush up to the person, glasses outsretched to sample the wine, like hyenas around a fresh carcass.

Here's Scott after his presentation. His story was about his marriage proposal to his fiancee. Aww, way to tug at the heartstrings dude. Working hard for that best presentation win.





As each person went on, it got harder and harder to hear, everyone was plastered, and attention spans were all over the place.

Here Stacey and her brother John wait for everyone to quiet down. They had a wine called "Stag's Leap". I remember laughing a lot at that name. Stag's Leap. So regal, yet wild.

Owen had a particularly raucous and inspired story about his wine involving the Northridge earthquake, Robert Parker the wine ratings specialist, and a man named Juan Gonzalez who died by falling into the vat of wine during the bottling process, thus making the wine an excellent "Full bodied wine" hahahahaha zing! It was pretty funny.



Jeff shows Rachel some love after her presentation. Love hurts Rachel.

Look at how zany I am! I didn't know whose sunglasses these were at first, but later found out they were Stacy's.

"Hey Marcy let's take zany pictures with sunglasses on" Wheeeee!

I had the sunglasses on for a while, before I was told that I looked like a transvestite. Actually it wasn't the fact that I was told that I looked like a transvestite that prompted me to stop wearing the sunglasses. It was because I kept tripping over everything.




Promptly after this photo, Dan beat me to death.

Just as I suspected. Red Wine, turns your eyes...RED!


Oh my face...ruins pictures

Once all the wine presentations were through, people started busting moves out on the deck


Live music provided by
Doyle! From the Carribean restaurant! Not only that, check out how I wasn't the only one lured by the power of the zany sunglasses.



Sometime during all the madness outside, awards were given out. Here Owen takes the prize for best presentation.

And then sometime later in the night the cops came by about all the noise prompting Doyle to bring his equipment inside

The last pic I have is of Jeff on the guitar.
For a while he was strumming the guitar with no sound. I plugged the cord in and was met with this rendition of some song that I couldn't quite figure out. Coupled with Dan's stellar vocals which consisted of "Check 1, Check 2, Check 1, Check 2" it was a cornucopia of disasterous noise. Later I found out Jeff was trying to play an Oasis song. Jeff asks me "You mean you couldn't tell?" haha. Not if Oasis songs sound like: "bong bong zsshhhh, blarn blarn zssshhhh" on the guitar.

Finally around 6am I went to bed. The next day, we all chilled around the house in various states of pain. Jeff hurt the most, and went to bed at like 8pm after we got back from Laguna.

Check out Marcy's pics from the weekend.

Memorial Day is awesome!

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