Thursday, June 15, 2006


This blog:

Prompted this discussion:

BTMBRKT: hahaha i forwarded that blog link to my friend mary

marcymint3: awesome

BTMBRKT: and she im's back

BTMBRKT: "the funny thing that they have these in japan"

marcymint3: hahaha

marcymint3: totally

BTMBRKT: hahahaha

marcymint3: too funny

BTMBRKT: yeah, the most effective female urination device i've seen is really low tech but works well i hear

BTMBRKT: i forgot what it's called

BTMBRKT: but it's basically a funnel like thing, but not so much a funnel like what you use to put oil in your car

BTMBRKT: more like, uhhhh how can i describe it.

marcymint3: hmmmm

BTMBRKT: i'm trying to find it on the net

BTMBRKT: but basically the prevailing idea is that it directs the pee pee away from the body, so you can stand up like a dude and pee on a tree
marcymint3: i like it

BTMBRKT: but it's so low tech
marcymint3: K.I.S.S.
marcymint3: ever learn that acronym?

BTMBRKT: oh yeah
marcymint3: Keep it simple, stupid! hahaha

BTMBRKT: ahahaha

BTMBRKT: see shit like this isn't k.i.s.s

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

BTMBRKT: haha man if people saw what i was googling right now

BTMBRKT: "women stand up pee device"


BTMBRKT: it was like this

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

BTMBRKT: but even simpler. but the above is pretty much the idea

BTMBRKT: a "pee pee placer" you could say

marcymint3: hahahahaha

marcymint3: "THE MILLIE female urinal" hahahaha

BTMBRKT: hahaha

marcymint3: oh man, so funny!

marcymint3: that would come in very handy on road trips

marcymint3: man, that last pic looks like it was taken in my office bathroom!

marcymint3: weird

BTMBRKT: hahaha

BTMBRKT: the millie

BTMBRKT: hhaha

BTMBRKT: just the image of someone busting that out on a road trip

BTMBRKT: "no no, don't stop. I got my Millie with me, just keep your eyes on the road for a sec"

marcymint3: HAHAHAHAHA

marcymint3: all this talk is making me have to peepee! brb

marcymint3: (if ionly i had a millie i wouldn't have to leave my desk!)

Later on I found what I was looking for:

and please check out their animated directions:

So today I had a conversation about butts and pee. All in all a great day's work.

Eric... I read your blog every day.
I know it is kind of stalkerish... but you do such a good job, and it is better than doing work.

But the animated directions "find" for the magic-cone... top of my list.
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