Thursday, September 14, 2006

Halloween Is Around The Corner! Ladies Do You Have Costumes Yet?

It's almost Halloween again!!

Ladies? Do you have costumes yet?

I know most of you are planning your costumes based on "Sexy" or "Slutty"

"Sexy Nurse", "Slutty Maid", "Sexy Cheerleader", "Sexy Mechanic", "Slutty Blockbuster Clerk Issuing Late Fees For Overdue Rentals". It doesn't really matter what you are for Halloween as long as it's the hot version. Right?

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Seriously. Ladies. The "Slutty/Sexy _____" is cool, but mix it up a little! Aren't you tired of being one of five "Sexy Cowgirls" at every Halloween party?

Instead of the usual, do something daring. Like show up to a party completely naked. You can be the "Slutty You".

Or, go for tragic characters from the world of cinema. I don't think we've seen a slutty Sophie Zowistowska from "Sophie's Choice".
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How about a slutty Jodie Foster from "The Accused"? Although...Jodie Foster's character in the movie experienced disasterous results with it...If you wear this costume to that one frat that throws all the "kick ass Halloween parties", just remember to be mindful of your surroundings, and you won't end up having to chop off all your hair later.
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Sexy slutty Aileen Wuornos, from "Monster". If I saw that I'd be like..."Damn, that chick be totally fine. Murderously fine yo".
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(By the way, I love this picture. It's like Charlie Brown going 'Auggghh!!')

If you show up to a party as the "Slutty Carrie" from "Carrie", like, with fishnets, heels and blood. I can safely say that you would be more popular at that one party than Carrie did during her whole life.
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I'm just trying to help. I know a lot of you wait until the last minute to buy costumes, and you grab whatever you can on your way out to the parties. However, if you find yourself with time to think of a cool Halloween costume, consider my suggestions. You'll look hot, and I guarantee no one else will have the same costume as you.

Especially if you go as Sexy Catharine Martin from "Silence Of The Lambs"
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That was marvelously slutty work my friend.
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