Friday, September 08, 2006

It's Friday. What's going on tonight?

BTMBRKT: where are you guys going

workaholickenne: hmmm
workaholickenne: i dunno...
workaholickenne: cat and fiddle maybe

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BTMBRKT: they should have cats playing fiddles there

workaholickenne: seriously

BTMBRKT: that you can heckle and say things like, "You're the shittiest fiddle playing cat I've ever heard"

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workaholickenne: and they wouldn't understand bec they're cats
workaholickenne: haha

BTMBRKT: hahaha exactly
BTMBRKT: hahaha

workaholickenne: haha

BTMBRKT: stupid cats. when will they ever learn?

workaholickenne: i know i know

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