Friday, September 01, 2006

Moving is terrible

I've joined the ranks of the homeless! Only for a little while no living under a freeway overpass for me. Thankfully Marcy has let me store my shit at her house for a couple days.

What sucks about this move is that I don't have the option of using this upcoming long weekend to move into my new apartment. The timing was all off. Moving out the first of September, and not being able to move into the new place until September 5th. When I signed the lease for the new apartment a couple weeks ago, this four day period between apartments didn't seem too bad.

Then, the slow realization that I didn't have any time to pack, and had no clue what to do with all my shit during the time between apartments started to appear. Right now everything I have is split between a Uhaul cargo van and Marcy's garage. The cargo van isn't too bad, it would be better in a Uhaul truck but all those were rented out. Plus, the fact that all my stuff is in a cargo van, that will be parked on the street for four days is pretty unsettling. If the van were to get stolen, I would basically lose all my shit. My clothes, my television, my secret plans, everything would be lost.

Had I not thrown as much stuff out as I could the night before I moved out, the cargo van would have been way too small. You quickly come to terms with what you own and what you're willing to throw away when you're faced with having to move out of your apartment and only have one day left to do it. Did I really need that newspaper front page picture of Bob Dole falling off the podium during one of his presidential debates?

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No. I threw it out. Did I really need these table lamps? No, chuck it. Am I really going to read the Da Vinci code again? Do I really need this bed? What about this nightstand? No! Fuck it, throw it all away!

My roommate Jeff and I hired a "GOT JUNK" guy to come by and handle all the shit. Basically their business is to throw away all your crap if it is too overwhelming for the regular city trash service. It was a fucking huge truckfull of shit, and the guys took it away quickly. I do shed a tear for the Bob Dole falling down picture. I really wish I had kept it and framed it. I've had it since 1996. I don't know why, I guess something about it makes me smile.

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ahhh, everytime I see the picture I give a hearty chuckle. Whatever, you laughed too when it happened. I fall down weekly, stumbling over my own two feet often, and I'm sure when I'm as old as Bob Dole, I'm going to fall down daily.

One other thing I learned during this move, rather "move in progress". The whole idea of lifting with the legs and not the back isn't hogwash folks. My back hurts so bad right now from improper lifting form, it hurts to do anything. I'm left with walking like Frankenstein in order to alleviate the pain. Sucks. Ow.

not your secret plans!
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