Monday, September 18, 2006

Too Many Weddings!

In the past two years, I have been to so many weddings I've lost count. I like going to weddings, because it is an opportunity to see friends that you haven't seen in a while. Nowadays, the only way to get a group of friends together is through weddings since everyone is all spread out. Plus open bars and great food help as well. I really like that part.

I just got back from a wedding in Hawaii, and I've got two more weddings rounding out the last two weekends of September. I barely have time to get my one nice "wedding" shirt dry cleaned.

Lately, all the traveling between each wedding has started to get me a little bummed out.
Everyone's getting married. I'm getting kinda depressed thinking about it now actually. The fact that I'm going to all these weddings, and not accumulating any sort of frequent flier miles is pretty sad.

The only "cool" thing I get with my Bank Of The West Visa card is the image of bears on the front. It's not even that cool of a picture. It's a picture of a momma bear and her cub. Awww. yeah it's cute, but I want a picture of a ferocious bear, teeth bared in a vicious snarl. A big ass chomping bear mouth ready to lay waste to department store sales, and bar tabs.

The Bank Of The West Bear isn't too bad though, my college mascot the San Francisco State Alligator was pretty lame. Only because the picture I had of him, was that of a "Booksmart Alligator", all backpack, hat and goofy stare like. I don't want a smart alligator to represent my school. I want an alligator with a dead baby in its mouth! I want a gator that's stalking someone in the everglades! I want a mean gator dammit! Not an alligator that can tutor me in math.

I did a search for the SF State alligator, but I only came up with the gator mascot for our sports team (We had sports?). While slightly better than the "Booksmart Alligator", this one comes off a bit fey for a school's sports team (No really..wait...we had sports teams?). Check it out..

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Pretty ferocious right? Like, ferocious in that " Hi there...I'm just leaning here on this post with one hand akimbo...what are you doing?" kinda ferocity.

I'm getting off track here..oh yeah, miles....Frequent flyer award points would be so rad though. Imagine all the points I could have accumulated with my trips to Australia, Norway, Japan and all these damned weddings!

I guess it's time to start looking for a new credit card...a ferocious card. With miles..

"I'm just leaning here on this post with one hand akimbo" ?
holy crap, I'm dying here. Great stuff
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