Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Celeb Baby Adoption Craze! Now Madonna!

Adopting a fucking kid! From another country!

Apparently all the orphaned children in America are worthless pieces of shit. People all over America are giving birth everyday to children they can't take care of. It's not like we've got some shortage of children, where people need to go out of the country to adopt.

Pretty soon, celebs aren't going to adopt puppies from boring old shelters in the states. A dog adopted in Los Angeles is bullshit compared to a dog adopted from Nairobi.

Shit, celebs should adopt a kid here in America, then give these douches a call

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For only twenty some dollars a month a celeb can support the kid above, so she can have three square meals a day, and as a bonus, receive all the religious propaganda that she can handle. Which can only better her as a person, by weeding out any "heathen like qualities" she must surely possess, being from an impoverished country and all. With her newly learned morals, she and her people will probably engage in less pre-marital intercourse, thus lessening the amount of children that need to be saved by celebs! Perfect!

So, not only will the generous celebrity be helping one child in America, they'll be helping one poor child in another country, and possibly children of future generations, for mere pennies! Celeb, you win! All the other celebrity adoptive mothers will shit with jealousy. You can look cute with your new/used child from America, and have a picture of whatever child in some poor ass country you send money too that satisfies your need for the ethnic flair you've been lacking in your life.

My advice is free. I should run an adoption agency. No kids with cleft palattes though. Celebs don't want that shit.

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