Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lose Weight Save On Gas

Today's headline on Yahoo News: "Lose Weight, Save Money On Gas?"

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How shitty does that guy in the picture feel? Did he know he was going to be front page news? Was the photographer just sitting at the gas station waiting for the perfect fat guy pumping gas?

What did the photographer say to him when he took the guy's picture?

Photographer: "So I couldn't help but notice that you're pumping gas"

Yahoo News Fat Guy: "Yeah, pumping gas."

Photographer: "I also noticed that you're fat."

Yahoo News Fat Guy: "What?"

Photographer, "You're amazing. I'd like to take your picture"

Yahoo News Fat Guy: "What? Why?"

Photographer: "We're doing an article on how fat asses like yourself would save some money on gas if they lost some weight. I thought, since you're a big fat guy, you wouldn't mind me taking your picture."

Yahoo News Fat Guy: "I guess not...I don't know.."

The Photographer starts putting a wide angle lens on his camera. Sensing the Fat Guy's aprehension, the photographer offers..

"Look, it won't be that bad. Just let me take your picture, and I'll give you these Twinkies"

Yahoo News Fat Guy takes the Twinkies. The Photographer's been in the game for a long time. From shattered war torn areas to the rough streets of the city, this photographer knows..they always take the Twinkies.

Photographer: "Great! Also, your photo will be posted on Yahoo for millions of people to see. You'll be known as the "Fat Gas Pumping Fat Guy"

Yahoo News Fat Guy resumes pumping gas a little confused..

Photographer: "Excellent. Can you cry a little? Like, cry while you eat that Twinkie?

Who knows? This might have happened and you know what? Maybe the Fat Guy will lose some weight after all this. Shamed into weight loss, though he'll save a lot on gas money!

All you potential Yahoo Obesity News photo fodder out there. Don't wait until someone takes your photo and puts it on Yahoo to lose weight. You can start now! Don't you want to save money on gas? I mean, health benefits aside and all..

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