Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Baby Shits

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"Mommy's going to hang you up on this door so she can make poopy. Don't be scared. Look the other way dear. No. The other way honey. Not at me while I make poopy. No..stop. Over there. Look over there...no don't cry. I'm almost done. Mommy shouldn't have eaten that burrito at lunch. Don't cry, we're almost done.."


AGH! My favorite picture on the site is the one of the little boy eating the toilet paper.
OH MY GOSH. This is so hilarious. And yet... as someone who has had other people's toddlers peer at me under the stall door while I'm trying to do my bid'ness, I wholeheartedly advocate it. Hang 'em up!
how do you find this shit?
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