Friday, January 05, 2007

Orphaned bear cub not hibernating

Get into bed now! I'm serious! I'm counting to ten...




By MARY PEMBERTON, Associated Press Writer Fri Jan 5, 6:11 AM ET

"... ANCHORAGE, Alaska - By all accounts, the little black bear spotted near Juneau should be snug in its den, curled up beside its mother and sleeping away the harsh Alaska winter. Instead, the orphaned cub on Douglas Island is wide awake and scrounging for anything to eat — dog food, bird seed, dead crows. ..."

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"...Now humans have stepped in where Mother Nature has failed. A live trap was set Thursday at the beachfront home owned by Greenbank and Gary Rosenberger to try and catch the fuzzball.

The plan is to move the cub to a remote location off the island where it will be introduced to a denning box made of wood and filled with a straw bed...."

"He went out to the garage and thought he saw a dog carrying away a front quarter. He followed it a bit and realized it was a tiny bear," Greenbank said.

"The wood pile is just outside the front door. When he reached out to put another handful in there, he just about touched that guy because he had his face buried in that pan," Greenbank said. "The little guy had crawled up on the wood pile and helped himself."

"To lure the cub into the trap, apples and cinnamon are being used, said Neil Barten, area wildlife management biologist on Douglas Island.

"Basically, it smells like Thanksgiving," Barten said"

My parents could never get me to go to bed. It was a nightly struggle. Starting around 7pm I would start stacking stuffed animals in front of any clock I could reach hopefully blocking the time from my parents eyes. Then I'd run around the house screaming and crying, when my clever trick failed.

If my parents used the "Smells Like Thanksgiving" ploy that's currently being used to lure the bear into hibernation, they might have had less trouble with me.

Line my Garfield sheets with meatloaf and mashed potatoes and I would have jumped right into bed no questions asked, drifting off into a dreamworld full of gravy and high cholesterol.

Damn...I'm getting tired thinking about it...

Stupid bear.
Stupid bear.
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