Thursday, February 08, 2007

Go Jump Off A Bridge Douchebags

This is getting ridiculous. You can't do anything without offending someone somewhere. Get over yourselves people!

I've seen this ad. I liked it. Original and well made I thought.

People are all in a huff about the Snickers ad with the two guys kissing because it supposedly makes homosexuality look bad because of their reaction to their accidental liplock. In the commercial the two guys accidentally kiss Lady And The Tramp style and resort to ripping out their chest hair to "do something manly" to balance the equation.

I thought that commercial was funny too. I'm a terrible person. I also eat babies, and punch old woman in their faces.

Pretty soon, vegetarians are going to complain about commercials selling meat products. Bald people will complain about shampoo commercials.

You can't joke about anything these days without someone getting sand in their crotch. Either everything is funny, or nothing is.

Discussing this topic with my friend via IM:

progenitor23: seriously

progenitor23: NOTHING IS FUNNY

BTMBRKT: when evil robots start attacking us, we're going to be easy to conquer because we'll have turned into giant pussies by then

BTMBRKT: seriously

BTMBRKT: either everything is funny or nothing is

BTMBRKT: terry schiavo made me pee my pants

progenitor23: hahaha

progenitor23: she made herself pee her own pants too

BTMBRKT: hahahaha

I'll go to hell, fine. As long as you can make a joke down there. Heaven's lame anyway. What's that they say about Jesus? Why do women love him so much?

It's because he's hung like this.

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Your sick.
They were talking about this very thing this morning on KROQ. They had people calling in telling the things they had gotten in trouble at work for. One person got in trouble for laughing when someone said "tea bag" at a sexual harassment meeting, and another one got in trouble for referring to a quick lunch as a "quickie." Another one had to write on her performace report, "I will not use the phrase 'Your Mama' at work." (whoops, I do that all the time, I'd better watch out).
P.S. I am offended that you and everyone else use the word "Pussies" to indicate weakness, although I don't believe you should be censored. If you want to use sexist language you should be allowed to, in the same way that I should be allowed to thumb my nose at you when you do.
Uh-oh... be on the lookout.
More anti-suicide coalitions are coming.
Look what Chupa Chups' (yes Chupa Chups... you will know what I am talking about) new ad campaign is.
I find this funny as hell... but you know a storm is brewing on the horizon.
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