Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm A Really Interesting Guy

BTMBRKT: i'm so excited about my food options. I brought some pasta i made last night for lunch

BTMBRKT: but i realized i had leftover lunch from yesterday so I ate that at 11, then someone gave me an extra carrot soup that was delivered by accident. So I had that at lunch

BTMBRKT: and I still have my food from home to eat at 4!

BTMBRKT: that's about all i have in my life to get me excited

progenitor23: sweet hahaa

progenitor23: hahaha

progenitor23: i'm gonna go frolick in the park for a while

progenitor23: talk to you later man, enjoy your feast

BTMBRKT: Fuck yeah!

BTMBRKT: i shall, later man

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