Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hi Fi Gerbil!

My dad just emailed me a bunch of random photos he found and scanned into his computer.

Here are my favorite two:

Hi-Fi Gerbil
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I don't know where this was taken. I didn't have a gerbil while growing up, nor did I have a sweet stereo setup. I don't think I even listened to music back then, or had a favorite band.

Why am I listening to music next to a gerbil?

Young Me: "Hey gerbil, have you heard this record? It's great"

Gerbil: "....."

The gerbil had to have been someone's pet, maybe a family friend. Or it could have been our dinner. That would have been so Asian of us.

**Edit** Mike says it's a Guinea Pig. Gerbil sounds better.

I have no clue where this next picture comes from either.
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I am accepting grapes from a bearded stranger, but I guess it was a street vendor or something, or else my mom wouldn't have let me eat them.

Can you even buy grapes from a street vendor anymore these days? I think you would be hard pressed to find a street vendor selling healthy food like grapes. Unless you were looking for grape flavored soda or some culinary abomination like fried cheese grapes.

The best part of that picture. The look of envy on that kid in the red t-shirt.

Kid In Red Shirt: "Awwww, I want grapes!"

Young Me: "Tough luck kid! Eat a Gerbil if you're so fucking hungry!"

**Edit** Marcy and her sharp eyes mentioned that the grapes, might be a baloon bear. Upon further inspection, she might be right!

Upon even further inspection, check out that kid on the left, and his flamingo penis balloon.

Upon looking at this, I first said, "Wow, those are some huge grapes." Then I looked a little closer and used some context clues. Are we sure he's not handing you a balloon bear? Not to ruin the whole topic of this post, but...
When I first read this I didn't see the Gerbil and thought you were talking about yourself in headphones. HAHA!
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