Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Steve Jobs Announces New iPods! iPhone price drop! Everyone Complains!

Steve Jobs announced today, in addition to revealing the latest generation of iPods; that the iPhone would be receiving a significant price drop to the tune of $200 dollars. This moves the price of the two month old 8 gigabyte iPhone down from $600, to $400

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Sucks for you doesn't it, Mr. and Mrs. "Gotta have it now, fuck every other priority in life" consumer?

Ohhh...but you're mad! "How can Steve Jobs do this to us?" you cry out to the heavens. Well, Apple fans, your God is not a benevolent God. Your God runs a business. In an office. A fancy one, on Main Street.

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No one forced you to buy the iPhone when it first came out at $600. That's the price you pay to get it right when it comes out. Everyone knows (Especially apple fans, and I include myself in this group) that Apple drops prices, sometimes soon after a release.

The $600 dollars you paid during it's initial release is the premium price you pay to be the cool kid on the block with the fancy gadget.

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Granted the price dropping $200 in less than 2 months is a lot, and it sucks, but no one was scammed.

It's all a matter of what the iPhone is worth to you. If it was worth it for you to wait in line, and pay $600 from the get go, then cool. You got your product, don't worry about it. If it wasn't worth all the hassle and the high price, then why the hell did you buy it? You're the asshole in this case.

If I buy a car from a dealer, and drive off the lot, can I turn right back around and demand the money back that I lost from depreciation?

Get over yourselves. Your iPhone can deliver you porn on demand anywhere. That's pretty fucking rad.

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