Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tom Cruise? Crazy?

Really this is crazy? Tom Cruise speaking about Scientology?

Like...crazier than this?

Replace the word Scientology, with Christianity; Scientologists, with Christians, and it's the same old bullshit. I don't understand why this video of Tom Cruise is crazy to people.

Is everyone in a huff about this video because Scientology isn't one of the "cool" religions? Is it because Scientology is the nerdy sci-fi geek in the corner of the quad, and other religions like Christianity bask in the warm glow of popularity?

Or is it Tom Cruise? Is the public still condemning him for his couch jumping antics?

Is it all the "Thetans" coursing through his body? Or are we are afraid of his boisterous declaration of love?

Why are we not afraid of this creepy kid?

Or this guy, condemning breast examinations

Or the woman that thanks god for dead soldiers

I don't know. Am I ignorant? Maybe. I don't know anything about religion, which one's the cool one, which one's the dumb one. I don't know. I'm godless, and soul less. I've only been to a church maybe five times in my life, and it gave me a rash everytime.

Why is Scientology so hated?

Oh, I know what it is.

Battlefield Earth.


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